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Welcome to Friday Sundae Studio. We make fun and engaging  games,  websites and virtual reality products for brands, broadcasters and agencies

Founded by Creative Director Anil Glendinning, with a background of over 15 years working on games and digital experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, including Cartoon Network, Disney, Lucasfilm, Vivendi and many others.

We're experts in play and entertainment, fluent in the language of games, digital interaction and engagement in VR, Mobile, Web, Console, Desktop.

We deliver fantastic quality at superb value across the entire digital media spectrum.

Friday Sundae Provide Value

We Do Design, Development and Data

We're Great to Work With

We’re a small team of experts, that means we can deliver high quality with less overheads than large studio. You’ll always work with our best people and your budget will go further. Try us out.

We work with brands, broadcasters and agencies to spread their message through fun and entertaining experiences. Together we can take your brand, IP or idea online and keep your customers engaging and coming back for more.

Anil Glendinning

Adam Cheong

Alex Erwin Koenig

Creative Director

Games Developer

Web Developer

Anil has worked in games and marketing for over 15 years. He’s worked on projects for Disney, Lucasfilm, Microsoft, Cartoon Network and many others.

Adam is an expert in games development  for web and mobile. Specialising in the latest technologies including, he's developed over 50 games for various web and mobile platforms.

Alex is a superstar web developer  with a focus on Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and jQuery . A former Systems Engineer, Alex has an impeccable eye for detail.

We’re a team of games industry, media and design professionals. We make digital media goodness

Every project that we do comes embedded with analytics capture as standard. We use this data to refine your project for better engagement and to provide you with useful customer metrics and insights.

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Our senior team have individually  worked on games and products for some of  the world’s largest brands

Click below to see some of the products we ‘ve worked on in previous roles

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