Winter Mini
Golf Game

Engage your audience with an interactive, Christmas themed game. Don't settle for a dull e-greeting...
Go for a Hole in One!

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...Made in Bristol


Winter Mini Golf is our seasonal greetings game for 2017, based on our popular mini-golf template. Invite your customers, clients and colleagues to tee off in a fun winter wonderland, branded for your company and where the virtual prizes are custom made for you.


Players could win a toy version of your product or service, a company mascot or even ‘Dave’ from accounting. Whatever you can think of, we can make it a cute graphic for your audience to win and unwrap.


Click the images above for more. Final art may differ slightly from the images above.


What you Get

5 Winter Holiday themed levels
Start off easy and then gets a little harder towards the end. Collect the stars to unlock the prizes as you play

10 custom prizes designed for you

That's ten mini illustrations of whatever you can think of. A company mascot, a local landmark, the office cat! Plus we'll add another five standard winter style prizes. That's three possible prizes per course for your players to win!

Your branding throughout
Your logo and custom messaging appears on the start and end screens, as well as on each level. You can make the experience as personal as you require.

Prompts to share on social media throughout
Each level ends with the player invited to share their score and prize via Twitter and/or Facebook. These posts will contain links back to the game, opening the way for your player's cohorts to enter the experience and spread your brand and message.



How to Play

Winter Mini Golf works across all modern desktop and mobile browsers. It’s easy to play with a simple click or tap so send your golf ball careening across the course.


Aim for the hole, avoid the obstacles and collect the prize stars along the way. At the end of each hole you’ll get a score and a prize. Keep playing to win all of the prizes and get the highest score in your office!


Throughout the game, players are invited to share their experience on social media and replaying is required to win all of the prizes (and to get the perfect score). Winter Mini Golf is the perfect conversation starter and social media share.


Try out our original mini-golf game and picture a winter version with your branding and messaging throughout.


Get in Touch Today

We're taking orders for Winter Mini Golf between 1st November and 1st December, so if you're interested, get in touch today. And if you you just want some more info, that's cool too. We're just a phone call away!