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Founded by Creative Director, Anil Glendinning. Friday Sundae Studio are a team of games industry, media and design professionals. Between us we’ve worked on numerous award winning apps and websites, built big budget video games and designed some crazy adventures in virtual reality.


Whether you’re an agency, a broadcaster, an SME or something else, Friday Sundae have worked with all kinds of teams. We’re great at both collaborating and leading, taking you through a project, step by step.


Friday Sundae Studio can get to the heart of your project, helping you achieve your goals and have fun along the way. We’re bright, enthusiastic and experienced. You can count on us to deliver.

Friday Sundae Studio focus on rapid cross-platform development and deployment. We use tools that allow us maximum platform options at a lower cost than native development

3D & 2D Games Development
3D & 2D Games Development
We use the cross platform Unity Engine to quickly concept and develop our games for mobile. The multi award winning engine is perfect for creating high quality content with maximum deployment options.
2D Web Games
2D Web Games
We built all of the web game on this site in Phaser. It’s a perfect tool for creating cross browser games and interactions that can be played on mobile as well. We’ll also use PixiJs along with a little magic to bring our games to life.
2D Mobile Games & Fun Apps
2D Mobile Games & Fun Apps
Cocos 2Dx is a renowned 2D game engine, and can be found under the hood of many games including Angry Birds Fight and Clash of Kings. If you’re looking for something light and quick, we use Cocos 2Dx.
Websites & Web Experiences
Websites & Web Experiences
We use the incredible power of HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript 5 to bring the web alive through exciting and engaging experiences. Interactive, animated, unexpected. The next generation of of web experiences.
Dynamic Websites
Dynamic Websites
We focus on using Wordpress, PHP and jQuery to develop robust, content managed websites. Fluid and responsive designs, static and dynamic content, clean and effortless UI. Everything you would need from a modern website.

Cross-platform development means developing a project once and then porting (or deploying) it across multiple platforms. In most cases this can be faster and cheaper than developing several times for each platform (i.e Apple, Android, Desktop etc). Working this way, we can deliver an excellent value / quality proposition for our clients.

How we Work

Friday Sundae Studio are a small and creative team, but we run a tight ship when it comes to production and processes. You'll find working us a cool, smooth experience

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Number One

We’re a small team, so you’ll always be working with our best people. We won’t pass you on to junior staff if you’re not a number one client. We’re a boutique studio, every client we work with is supremely important to us, and we know you’ll feel the difference.

Creatively Driven

We’re creatively driven with a deep understanding of the technology that we’re using. The idea and concept is key, but we always enter the project fully aware of the strengths and limitations of the tech at hand. We work closely with your team to develop optimal concepting, planning and design.

Agile & Iterative

Our process is a hybrid of initial waterfall style planning, combined with agile and iterative development . You see frequent releases of your project as we work through a master list of features and requirements. We build quickly, test and iterate with frequent milestone deliveries and rapid deployment.

Project Insights

Transparency and communication is key to us. We want you to feel at the centre of your project as we build it around you. Using tools like Basecamp, Trello and good old fashioned spreadsheets, we’ll deliver insight and clarity throughout your project.

Quality Assurance

Testing both internally and with our partners at Testology, we provide thorough quality assurance on your project. We use Jira software to track, manage and report on your project’s process. Ensuring that every bug gets squashed and every typo corrected before you hit the market.

Deployment & Intelligence

Once ready, your project can be deployed across multiple platforms from the same code base. From the start, analytics are available to track user behaviour on your app, game or website. This data can then be fed back into the product to optimise and tune it for your audience.

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