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We make lively, engaging and interactive websites, web experiences and apps. We create tasty, digital magic

Friday Sundae Studio love making websites and web experiences. We infuse all of our projects with fun, love and surprises.

Friday Sundae Studio specialise in engaging interaction and gamification. This speciality is at the heart of our creative process and at the heart of every project that we do.


From original campaign and brand micro-sites to fully fledged CMS sites, we create experiences that draw people in and keep them engaged through eye catching art, clever design and interesting interaction. We use the latest technology, developing with everything from HTML5 through to WebVR and everything in between, providing you with the best possible solution for your project.

Take a look through this page to find out more, or skip to the end and just give us a call, we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

We design and develop micro-sites, small and tightly target bursts of explosive creativity.

Our gaming background makes us perfect for designing fun and engaging user experiences for your brand or campaign.

We can provide all of the core expertise that you project may require, and the support of our trusted partner network of creative superheroes, we can create something to blow your socks off.

Campaign & Brand Micro-Sites

For content managed websites, we use tried and tested WordPress for our backend.

We create highly customised themes and frontends that retain all of the loved user functionality of WordPress, without the boring "blog" look.

With our trademark art, animation and creative flair, our CMS websites provide your customers with a visually engaging feast, and provide you with a battle tested CMS website.

Content Managed Websites

Do you already have a website that you love, but want a few extra cherries and sprinkles on it?

Friday Sundae Studio can provide a range of services to brighten up and reinvigorate your website.

Illustrations and animations,  web games and gamification, clever interactions and fun surprises. The Friday Sundae team specialise in delighting and engaging audiences, see what we can do for yours.

Services for Existing Websites

Friday Sundae has a background in games and this can provide some unique benefits in the form of gamification and a focus on user experiences, engagement and retention

Our Gaming Background
So we have an extensive background in games, but you need a website or app, not a game. So how can our experience benefit you and what unique selling points does our experience have. Well we're glad you asked, click below to find out more

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Gamification draws inspiration from the gaming industry to bring retention and interaction loops to applications that create a more ‘sticky’ customer experience. Click below to find out how this method of user experience can benefit you.
What is Gamification?

Appy Apps

Friday Sundae Studio specialise in fun, engaging and interesting apps. If you need a digital product that grabs users visually and employs clever retention methods to keep them engaged, then you should talk to us.

We use our gaming background to create app experiences that users find accessible, easy to use and engaging.

We focus on rapid cross-platform development and deployment, using tools that allow us maximum platform options at a lower cost than native development.

Cross-platform development means developing a project once and then porting (or deploying) it across multiple platforms. In many cases this can be faster and cheaper than developing several times for each platform.

Friday Sundae Studio make fun and interesting apps. We don’t make dull apps, we make Appy Apps

'Let Friday Sundae Studio launch your app so your ideas can shoot for the moon'

A Guide to Web and App Costs

We're always happy to discuss your project with you, and this includes talking frankly about costs. We've put together a rough guide to web and app development costs to get you started. Click below to find out more, or just give us a call.

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Our Process for

Web and Apps

Working with us is fun and easy Don't worry if this is new to you, we're dab hands at it. We're open, friendly and love what we do. We're sure that you will too.

Click below to find out how we work with our clients.

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Analytics and Metrics

We're big believers in the value of good data and the insights that it can bring to your campaign. All of our projects come with analytics tracking as standard.

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From pitching to prototyping, to user testing and final deployment, our team can lead you through every stage in detail. Get in touch to find out how we can help you, your brand and your message reach your audience and retain their attention. Call us today, it's not rocket science!

Final Thoughts

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Friday Sundae is a  new studio,  but our senior team have worked on products for some of  the world’s largest brands. This wealth of experience is at the heart of our studio and at the core of every job we do.

Click below to see some of the products we ‘ve worked in previous roles

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