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Drawing users into and keeping them engaged was a core requirement of any game long before mainstream apps began adopting the same principles.


We’ve had a lot of practice onboarding new users whilst simultaneously teaching them the rules of the experience and keeping them entertained.


Today we use this same knowledge to create highly tuned engagement funnels that capture users and minimise dropouts. We further use detailed analytics to then refine the funnel to maximise completed users journeys. For us, it’s all in the game.



Once you have the users, how do you keep them? By being clear on the ideal session length of your experience and providing engagement activities that can be completed and reward within that time.


Then set up the next session by providing reason for re-engagement and the possibility of ‘missing out’ if a session is skipped.


Games know how to become habit forming, how to create loyalty and a compulsion to engage. Friday Sundae Studio uses these same techniques to create apps, websites (and games) that keep their users coming back for more.





People love to share their experiences, but only if that experience is worth sharing. We design our products with mechanics that creates feelings of wonder, delight or achievement. We create unexpected events that warrant talking about.


We embed within our products the ability to easily share at the press of a button, to harness the impulse of a good feeling and share that moment.


Once the message has been sent, we use analytics to test its effectiveness at drawing in cohorts. Through live updates we can refine this message to maximise the capture of your users social media network.




Conversion will mean a lot of different things to campaigns. It can be a user  following through on a call to action, or sharing their experience with their social media network. It can mean placing an order, or integrating an app into their life.


Wherever it means, getting there is a careful process that can benefit from micro adjustments to the user experience to help nudge them over the finish line.


At Friday Sundae Studio we carefully track areas where users ‘dropout’ of the experience and critically, their actions prior to conversion. Using this data we continually refine the landing zone to bring more users in.



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