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We make online games for web and mobile. Perfect for engaging audiences on your website, app or event

At Friday Sundae Studio we create digital experiences that engage audiences through discovery and interaction. We build deceptively simple yet cunningly compelling games, with clever retention mechanics that keep audiences coming back for more.


We work with brands, broadcasters and agencies. We can design something bespoke, provide gamification consultancy, or we can get you up and running quickly with your own brand template game.

Our games work on all platforms. We can make it browser based for desktop and mobile, we can make it a downloadable app too!


Games are everywhere now and everyone’s doing it, you should too. Having your own game is easier and cheaper than you think. Give us a call to find out more.

Games for Broadcasters

Licensed tie-in games for broadcasters are a great way to expand your IP beyond the show itself. Engage audiences and develop brand loyalty through a game or interactive narrative experience.

Friday Sundae are well versed in collaborating with creative directors, adhering to strict brand guidelines and delivering quality to tight deadlines.

Get in touch to find our how we can be a winning team for you.

Games for Education

Friday Sundae Studio love games in education, exhibitions and museums.

We can bring learning and discovery to life through clever interaction models that encourage curiosity and engagement.

Learn through play and engage through entertainment, for both children and adults.

Give us a call to find out how we can help with your project.



Are you a game studio or publisher that needs a little outside help on your project. Friday Sundae Studio provide a range of outsource support services to the games industry.

We can do game conversions from web to mobile and vice verse. We can provide localisation. We can touch up and tune up a dusty, but well loved work horse. We can provide art and design direction and gamification consultancy.

Get in touch to find out more.

Designed to your Budget

Friday Sundae Studio can offer you a range of solutions, tailor-made to fit your budget from a bespoke creation to a branded template game

Template Games

Why not get in touch to find out about how we can quickly add your IP and brand to one of our existing game templates. Get up and running in no time with a tried a tested solution.






Bespoke Solutions


Our extensive game design and development experience allows us to quickly brainstorm ideas to engage your audience. From pitching to prototyping, to user testing and final deployment, our team lead you through every stage in detail. Just give us a no obligation call, to find out more.

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A Guide to Costs

How much does a game cost? Not as much as you might think. We've compiled a rough guide to how much a typically game might be priced. Dive in and see where your project fits in

Our Process

Working with us is fun and easy. Don't worry if this is new to you, we're dab hands at it. We're open, friendly and love what we do. We're sure that you will too. Click below to find out how we work with our clients.

User Analytics

We're big believers in the value of good data and the insights that it can bring to your campaign. All of our projects come with analytics tracking as standard. Click below to find out how it can benefit  you.

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Final Thoughts

A game doesn’t need complex rules or fiddly controls. It can be familiar with a gentle interaction model that encourages play and rewards curiosity.

Friday Sundae is a  new studio,  but our senior team have worked on products for some of  the world’s largest brands. This wealth of experience is at the heart of our studio and at the core of every job we do.

Click below to see some of the products we ‘ve worked in previous roles

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Friday Sundae Studio has a deep understanding of compelling gameplay styles and methodologies, compiled from years of experience in the casual and core games industry.


A game can be an addition to your website, we work well with other developers to integrate projects. A game can be self-contained in a free app that your customers can download or engage with at a trade show. Games can live online and be part of an email campaign. Games can be questionnaires in disguise or undercover user surveys with analytics capturing useful insights.If you'd like to find out more about the potential of games, just get in touch!