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A template is a pre-designed game, based on a well known design, such as catapult (Angry Birds is an example of this), pong or an endless runner (like Subway Surfers or Minions Run)


Template projects are designed so that art assets can be swapped and replaced easily, allowing the same game to look quite different and unique  simply by changing the art.


Often other elements can be tweaked to further differentiate games based on the same template.


A Cost Effect Solution

Cost: Starting from £2k    Time: 5 - 10 days

The beauty of templates is their rapid turnaround and attractive cost. Template games can start from £2000 for a simple asset swap, to around £4000 for additional customisations to truly make the experience yours. These projects are perfect if your budget is as tight as your deadline. You'll be surprised by how much cool factor these little templates can come with.


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Friday Sundae Studio have ready to go templates based on Match Three Games (similar to hit game Candy Crush), Bubble Pop (similar to Bubble Witch Saga), 2D Golf (similar to what we have on this site) and a few others. Plus we're making new ones all the time.

So get in a touch for a free, no obligation chat about your requirements and how Friday Sundae Studio can help.