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We do data analytics as standard. Every project we do gets tracked, sorted and analysed...including this one

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Your Metrics

We've collected a few stats based on your gameplay today, but this is just a taster

As you've been playing the games on this website, we've tracked some basic stats on your behaviour. This shows just a glimpse of how your project or campaign can glean insights from its users.


Games like Candy Crush and  Angry Birds know how well or badly you’re playing, and can subtly alter the difficulty to make sure that victory is just within reach, but not too easy to grab. The games do this by using in game analytics to make real time changes to many of the game’s variables.


We can use these same techniques to shine a light on your users' behaviour and allow us to update, refine and modify a live campaign or project to optimise a user's engagement.

Data Driven Design

Intelligent design decisions come from good data intelligence systems

Our background in games makes us dab hands at using analytics to make intelligent decisions on art, design and function to maximise engagement of your audience. We can do this in real time or during irritative updates. Our designs are data led as well as creatively led.


Analytics is useful to any business for determining market interest, segmentation, target market, analysing market trends and determining the behaviour of users.


If you'd like to find out more, just give Friday Sundae a call.


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Designing games is about  tailoring the experience to the user. A perfect game is neither too hard or too easy, it hits the ‘sweet spot’ of user engagement. We apply our experience in game design to every digital project that we do, using design driven by the data captured on the user.


How, when, where and who is viewing your website, campaign or game; these are the questions that embedded analytics tracking can provide. Friday Sundae Studio can conceptualize ideas based around known user behaviours and then iterate using actual captured data. A digital project is a living project that responds to its user's actions and evolves to better suit their needs.


Every project is different so we consider the trackable data at the very beginning of a project. Specific designs can be put in place to guide a user’s journey and thus encourage the best data collection. This data can then be using in market segmentation, cohort analysis, adword purchases or any number of beneficial ways.

Data tracking comes as standard on any Friday Sundae website, app or game. We believe that good data analysis is key to a healthy project

Golf Game Your Value Global Average
1 Longest play session
2 Total Shots Taken
3 Highest Score
4 Hole in Ones
5 Birdies
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2 Preferred Answer
3 Highest Score
4 Clicks to Land Rocket
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2 Quickest Time (Blue)
3 Quickest Time (Green)
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2 Most Clicked Balloon

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