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Exploring an immersive, interactive virtual world can wow audiences like few other mediums can. And that’s no hyperbole. When crafted carefully, virtual reality can completely engage audiences and command their attention.


Virtual tours, narrative experiences and gamified interactions. VR content can bring your message alive and create a dazzling, memorable experience.


But they say too much of a good thing is bad, and anyone who’s experienced motion sickness in VR an attest to this. The key to creating comfortable and accessible VR is restraint. No big roller-coaster rides with us. Friday Sundae specialise in comfortable and engaging experiences that anyone can enjoy, not just the thrill seekers.

Reality Bites

There are numerous deployment options for your VR content. Friday Sundae can advise you on the best approach and equipment required

Mobile VR is the most accessible of the VR platforms. It requires a powerful mobile phone and an unpowered headset like Google Daydream. There are no cables, so people can sit or stand. Mobile VR is quick to develop and offers a simpler visual experience. But from many first time users, this is a revelatory experience.

Room scale VR offers the highest possible realism by allowing users to walk around a small space and interact with the virtual world for total immersion. They are still connected to a nearby PC by a long cable. Unlike stationery VR, room-scale allows people to walk, jump, kneel and even crawl around the VR space!

Stationary "desktop" VR is when a person stays mostly in the same place, often seated, whilst being connected to a nearby computer via a  cable. This offers superior graphical realism over mobile VR as a powerful PC is used to create the experience. Users can also lean in and tilt their heads to get closer to the virtual world. This is a big step up from mobile VR.

Augmented Reality

Add some extra magic to your mobile app by surprising your users with an unexpected jaunt into Augmented Reality

Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in that it does not use a VR headset. Instead 2D and 3D images are shown on a phone or tablet, usually overlaying real-time video or images taken from the device's front facing camera. The hugely popular Pokemon GO was example of this, but there are many non-gaming applications for this including promotions, education and eBooks.


We love to include AR components as part of an app to create surprising events for the user. Holding a phone over a printed brochure or book can bring 3D objects to life, trigger audio and voice overs. Pointing a tablet at an image or sign can overlay additional information for guidance or delight.

Our Gaming Background:

How it Helps

Augmented reality is little under-used outside of gaming, but the creative possibilities are endless, and we really love the fun, discovery and excitement of bringing mundane items to life with the press of a button. Give us a call to find out more about the possibilities of AR for your business or campaign.

VR and AR are exciting new mediums that can really capture your audience’s attention like nothing else. However, with a limited user base, this cutting edge technology needs to be used in the right way to maximise its benefits.


At exhibitions, trade show, AGM or even at your offices, VR content can provide a captivating and immersive world in which to communicate your message. AR can be added as a feature to a new or existing app to create surprising experiences and anyone can enjoy on their mobile or tablet.

As we develop VR and AR content we can also provide non-3D versions for use online or via mobile. Allowing your to wow your audience with VR and AR in person, then let them continue their journey at home and at their leisure.


If you’re looking for a friendly, straight talking, jargon free conversation on whether VR content is right for your audience, give the Cupcakes a call.



Reality Check


Friday Sundae is a  new studio,  but our senior team have worked on products for some of  the world’s largest brands. This wealth of experience is at the heart of our studio and at the core of every job we do.

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