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Gamification can create new ways to extend user relationships with digital products, craft richer engagement, and drive customer loyalty

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Gamification Doesn't means "Games"

At Friday Sundae Studio, we love games, and we love to make games. But not everything can be a game. There’s work, business, utility. These things are serious, it’s work time, not playtime. But does a serious app have to turn people off just because it’s got a job to do?


We believe that there’s a better way to interact with even the driest of topics; gamification. Gamified websites, apps and experiences can draw audiences in through interaction, rewards, discovery and exploration.


Gamification draws inspiration from the gaming industry to bring retention and interaction loops to applications that create a more ‘sticky’ customer experience.


These gameplay mechanics can motivate user participation, engagement and loyalty. Gamification uses analytics and data driven design techniques of the games industry and applies them to non-gaming experiences.


It works because it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement and reward. Gamification encourages competition, collaboration and community.

Experts in Gamification

With our background in games, Friday Sundae Studio are experts in using gameplay mechanics to guide users through your application’s journey, avoiding churn and maximising retention and engagement throughout your apps lifecycle. Your website or app doesn't need to be a game to benefit from a gamified design approach.


Friday Sundae Studio make website, apps and experiences that can convert ordinary content into something with high engagement and retention. Something that audiences want to explore. Ordinary questionnaires, narrative timelines, product comparisons, all of these can be wrapped in fun experiences that draw audiences in and rewards participation with discovery.


Our extensive game design and development experience allows us to quickly brainstorm ideas to engage your audience. From pitching to prototyping, to user testing and final deployment, our team lead you through every stage in detail, refining and optimising as they go.


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